“Challenge Week” Århus, Denmark

Tom writes…

“This week is Challenge Week in Århus! The KFS group are running their first ever mission week after having seen it really take off in other parts lf the country. I will be joining Christian Hofreiter and Ellis Potter who are also speaking this week. The team are really excited to get going and we have a great team of volunteers helping out.

I will spend the week speaking at the Business School, Christian will be speaking at the main campus at lunchtime and Ellis will be leading the evening meetings. We’re all particularly excited by the evening events, which will be focused on how we can really know anything at all.

Please pray for us this week. Denmark can be a very challenging place for mission and many people can seem very apathetic. Our first lunchbar at the business school was very quiet. Pray that we’d be able to meet up with lots of people this week!”

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