“Challenge Week” Århus, Denmark – Day 3

Tom writes:

We’re celebrating Golden Wednesday here in Århus and it is a golden day indeed. Today, between the two campuses, we welcomed over 80 guests and dealt with some very big questions. At the main campus, Christian gave a talk titled “Is there historical evidence to support that Jesus was God?” which, naturally, intrigued a lot of people and provoked much discussion, with some staying over an hour after the event closed to keep discussing the issue with members of the team. Over at the Business School, I spoke on “Challenge the Rules: Why would God want to ruin my fun?” and, despite the campus being very quiet, we grew again in number. More people stayed behind to talk and I had a number of good chats with people who had asked questions. A number of people showed interest in tomorrow’s talk and over a quarter signed up for information on the Alpha Course that will begin next week.

In the morning prayer meeting, it was really encouraging to hear students praying for their friends by name, many of whom had already been along to one event and were showing interest in coming to others as well! One Physics students here has been consistently inviting, praying for and chatting with her friends about Jesus and I was able to speak to a couple of them over the last two days. Many of the KFS (Christian Union) students are encouraged by seeing their friends come along but are wondering what the next step should be. Some are concerned that, although they may have heard the message, it seems another thing altogether to communicate the Gospel’s relevance and how, if true, it changes everything for the better. Please pray for the students here, that they might have wisdom and patience in God’s timing.

Tonight, Ellis Potter concludes his two-part lecture on ‘Absolutes’. Last night’s first instalment was fascinating but made my head spin! If you haven’t read his book Three Theories of Everything, I’d highly recommend it. Hopefully the students will come back after whetting their appetite yesterday.

Please pray for Ellis, Christian and me as we speak tomorrow and pray for those who have come along to see that Jesus couldn’t be more relevant to their lives! And pray for those who are signing up to follow-up groups, that they would come and remain interested and, ultimately, give their lives to Christ.

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