“Challenge Week” Århus, Denmark – Day 2

This week, Tom is with a team at the University in Århus, Denmark. He writes:

It’s the second day of Challenge Week here in Århus and things seem to be picking up momentum. Yesterday evening we had a great event in one of the University venues. Christian Hofreiter spoke on the topic of suffering and shared some really interesting thoughts surrounding the issue, giving many reasons why our default response to the problem shouldn’t necessarily be atheism. There were a number of guests but a high proportion were Christian. I sat down next to a non-Christian who had been invited by his friend. After the talk we chatted at length for over an hour; I’m praying that some of what was said would be helpful though it felt like on occasion we were going in circles.


This morning, my team headed over to the Business School for the second of our events. I gave a talk titled “Challenge Success: What’s the point of Jesus if I’ve got all I need?”. At first it was hard to connect with students on campus, as they were all busy working and didn’t want to stop and chat. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see our venue full at lunchtime! We had over thirty crammed into the room, at least half of these were non-Christian guests, doubling our attendance from yesterday. Given that the Business School is such a tough nut to crack, this massive growth is remarkable and hugely encouraging.


The talks on the main campus have been well-received as well, and a number of people from both campuses have signed up for Uncover groups. Some have even requested to meet up with someone this week to chat!

Tonight, Ellis Potter will be delivering his first evening talk with us: “Are all absolutes absurd?”. Tomorrow I speak on “Challenge the Rules: Why would God want to ruin my fun?” and on the main campus Christian will be looking at the evidence for the resurrection. Please pray for us here. Pray for strength and energy and that those who have shown an interest would come back and move closer to trusting Christ. Thank God for increased momentum today and pray for an even greater buzz tomorrow!

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