Boys in Bosnia


I hope the sunshine is bringing you as much joy this week as it is bringing me!

This week Joe and David are in Bosnia. It is a very different kind of mission for them to be at, in a majority Muslim context and a place where there has’nt been a student mission for a while.

They have had a slower start with a tour of Sarajevo at the beginning of the week followed by some time spent serving in a refugee house with the church.

Student activities have now begun to gather pace and one of the speakers, David Glass is arriving with some Czech students today.

Since the last mission week  was a while ago and it is relatively new to the staff there, one of the things they have been doing is spending time with the staff there offering advice, sharing ideas and praying with them. It is hoped that this can be a springboard for future missions.

Last night they had a church event which was the first seeker event of the week. Today at 6pm they will have an event with Kosta speaking on ‘ The Pursuit of happiness’  and tomorrow David Glass will speak on ‘ Artificial Intelligence and God’

They had a good time flyering and speaking to students on Tuesday at a couple of different faculties. Pray for two peopleJoe had a long conversation with who were interested in tomorrows event.

Please also pray for another student who the CU there have had long term contact with. He has been studying the bible and seems open and we are hopeful that he will come to one of the events.

Joe and DAvid are now flyering and then will flyer again at 5pm (right before the event)  witht eh Czech tudents that arrive, this will take place at a local shopping center.

Please keep them in your prayers as the bulk of events happen today and tomorrow.



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