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Oli writes:

‘It’s such a pleasure and blessing to be part of the Bournemouth mission. It’s a great encouragement to see how students are willing to reach out with their Christian friends to students on campus, we see the students growing in relationship with each other and enthusiasm for spreading the Gospel as well. We are now on day 4 of 5, and what we have seen through the week is a growing number of guests at the lunchbar events. We had 5-6 guests on Monday and Tuesday, and we had around 10 guests yesterday for the topic “Is the Bible sexist?”. It’s really good to see a lot of guests returning to the events several times, so they hear the good news of Jesus on multiple occasions. The evening events have had a similar number of people. A real encouragement is the openess from people on campus, willing to have a conversation about faith and share there thoughts about several topics. We are also thankful for the blessing of gifted speakers! Pete and Joe are doing an amazing job of bringing God’s Word to the audience. It’s an encouragement for Christian and the guests of the Christian Union! Today and tomorrow we will have lunchbars that think over the topic of suffering. And this evening we will think about satisfaction, tomorrow evening the topic will be hope and evidence for the ressurection. So looking forward to seeing how God will work further in the lifes of people who are already coming. Pray for more people to come to the events, pray that the enthusiasm of the students will continue until the end of the week, pray for wisdom and rest for the speakers and pray that we will be sensitive for God’s guiding and leading through the last two days.’

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Thanks for the update. How many students are members at each of these CU’s?

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