Bournemouth CU – Something More

Today marks the beginning of Bournemouth CU’s Events week.

The CU have been working hard in the lead up to this week in preparing venues, speakers, food, flyers and lots more!

The theme for the week is ‘Something more’ and they have UCCF Staff Worker Peter Harris and Joe Winstone sharing the speaking.

With exciting events, including an open mic night and a murder mystery planned, the CU are putting their creative ideas into practice!

Please do be praying,  as the CU are praying now, that God would work through everything that has been organised.

Please pray for Joe and Peter as they deliver talks and for the students as they have conversations with friends on tables.

Pray for opportunities to talk of Jesus and the boldness to step into those conversations too.

I have attached the plan for the week so you can be praying for the events as they come!

Today starts with a lunch bar with the title: ‘ Fake news: Doesn’t the Bible belong on the fiction shelf?’ This will be on Talbot campus at 12pm. Then this evening there is an open mic night at Starbucks.



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