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Thank you so much for all your prayers!

It has been a great week with events building in confidence and number. There have been a LOT of people coming along to events from flyering! It works!! What an encouragement for students to see that standing around in the icy wind handing out flyers really works!

We have also seen CU members bringing along friends, there are a handful of students who have responded positively, and around 10 each day who have said they would like to come to the CU’s explore course, which starts next week. Jesus is compelling and people want to know more about him and his claims.

Just like the responses we see to the gospel in Acts 17, we have seen that there are people who want to know Jesus and have decided to! There are people who want to hear more and keep looking into the claims of Jesus. And there are people who have said no to the gospel! But the Christian Union here have been visible and it must be very hard to be a student here and miss that this week has been happening! With a huge marquee right in the centre of campus and a group of around 20/30 people advertising, along with some brave students who have been willing to stand up in lectures and tell their course mates that these events have been happening, we have seen real interest!

Yesterday, Joe spoke at both lunch bars entitled, ‘Cruel, How can a loving God allow so much suffering?’

There were students that said that they heard the emotional call as well as the intellectual through Joe’s talk, and people were heard talking about it throughout the rest of the day and into the evening.

Today we will have the last two lunch bars of the week from 12-2pm. Michael will speak on ‘ Judgmental, How could God send sincere people to hell?’ Please be praying for all those coming in. This is a topic that could result in some people who are hurting and angry coming in, as well as those who find it an intellectual question. So pray for Michael to meet the right line between being sensitive to where people are at and being coherent in explaining the truth in his talk.

The evening events have steadily grown! Last night we had a dessert night with Michael speaking on, ‘Life, Wouldn’t Jesus limit my freedom?’

This evening’s talk had a great response and you could really tell that the room were really listening and wanting to hear what Michael was saying.

Tonight the final evening topic is ‘Hope, Can Jesus offer life after life?’, where Michael will speak about the resurrection! Please pray for him as he prepares for the day and the first lunch bar starts in half an hour from now.


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