Birmingham CU Events week update

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for your prayers up until now!

It has been a great start, Yesterday began with a prayer meeting which was filled to the rafters with students and international guests! It was wonderful to spend some time in fellowship and prayer together before going out to share Jesus.

We have seen 4 lunch bars each with around 130-150 guests which is incredible! The campus here is large and so it is encouraging to see that people are engaging with the questions being asked! There have been long conversations after every event and some regular guests beginning to emerge slowly too!

This evening we had a cheese and wine evening with a talk on ‘Truth- Isn’t Jesus just fake news?’ Michael did a really good job and the question time was brilliant!

We have an international team of guests from Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, America, the UK, Croatia and more! It is such an encouragement to see that these guys have come here to learn what the CU is doing and are keen to take ideas back to implement them in their universities! While we are sharing the gospel with students here we are also equipping and inspiring international Christians with a picture of what is possible if we are willing to step outside of our comfort zone and use our creativity and our knowledge of Jesus to do something small which God uses for great things! the ripples created by opportunities like this may not be seen until we reach heaven but we are praying that there will indeed be many ripples!

Tomorrow and the rest of the week will see the same layout as today with prayer meetings lunch time talks at 12pm and 1pm and then an evening event at 7:30pm. Could you rpay at these times that students will be prompted to elave their flats and houses and come and hear about Jesus.

Some of the team are already quite tired so prayer for energy would be wonderful too!

Please keep praying and we will keep you updated!



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