An update from Northampton

Joe Writes…


Update from Monday


Monday night was the launch night, where the CU invited a bunch of brilliant acts to perform at an acoustic night They hosted the event in the Student Union bar before I offered an introductory response to the question:

‘Fresh Start: How can I make the most of uni?’


Northampton Uni’s slogan is ‘transforming lives, inspiring change’, and I made the case that no one has inspired greater change than Jesus, so students must make the most of their uni experience by exploring Him.


Around 10 guests joined, and the prayer meeting that morning was a stirring affair as we heard of many warm responses, with nearly every guest signing up to hear more and read Uncover John with a friend. Seems it’s been a fruitful start. Praise God!

Please pray for ‘B’ and ‘J’ especially- both were very intrigued and intend to come back again this week.

Then we had first contact on campus followed by Text-a-Toastie 12-2pm- appreciate prayers for conversations with seekers, and the students who we’re serving alongside!

Oli writes…

Update from Tuesday

What a great time we had this Monday! The open Mic event was such a blessing and we were encouraged to dive into the coming events. The Christian Union here invited us in warmly and it’s an encouragement to see how much they are longing for friends to come to know Christ! They are inviting a lot of course mates to the events, and through those relationships, people are willing to come along – what a blessing! The CU students are showing how relationships lead to openness and can also lead to a lot of guests coming to events!


They are not ashamed to share their story with their course mates.


Tuesday was all about toasties: ‘text a toastie’.

Students text a question and the Christian Union send somebody with a toastie and an answer to the question. It was a success! A lot of questions came in and good conversations were started. One of the questions asked during the week by a student was ”How do you connect to God?”.

Oli and some CU members went to a flat to deliver a toastie, in stead of one person there were four students waiting for them and the answer to their question. It was a fruitful and lovely conversation. One of the flatmates is part of the Christian Union and we hope and pray that they will have more great conversations with their flatmates.


Pray for the students we met at the open mic night on Monday evening. Some of them sent in questions for a toastie, and it was good to see them again! But there were also a lot of new students. Pray that students start truly exploring Jesus!



Update from Wednesday


The first lunchbar of the week rook place yesterday, we were thinking about the topic ‘Life full of beliefs: how can there be only one way to heaven?’.

It was the first talk for OIi on a mission and he had to give it twice! It all started a little bit oddly, it was a great venue but the location wasn’t ideal. There weren’t many students passing by. The first lunchbar had only two guests. Oli felt a bit dissapointed.

But the second lunchbar was a real blessing and an prime example of how relationships create opportunities! One of the CU members invited her class, and ten of them came over (even the lecturer came in to listen to the talk). The talk went well, and there was lots of good response afterwards. Two students want to know more about Jesus and one of them is willing to start investigating it by herself. Some of those course mates enjoyed the message and were planning to come to tonight’s evening event where Joe will speak on identity. We are thanking God that He provides and that He warms hearts to come to events!


Pray for these students, that they may come to these next few events, so that we can have longer chats about Jesus. Pray for open hearts so they can see that the love of Jesus is also for them and that they can start a journey with Him!


Pray for Joe and Oli who are preparing talks for Thursday and Friday. Pray for Joe who will speak at two events on Thursday. He will speak at a lunchbar entitled

‘Life in a suffering world: where do we even begin?’

and in the evening, he will speak about

‘Life without filters: who am I?’

Pray for wisdom, rest and energy, that God may speak through them.


Pray for the Christian Union who are looking to meet more students. Pray for wisdom and courage for them as they go and speak to more of their course mates.


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