An update from Ghent

‘Things are going really well here in Ghent! The mission is really fun and the local students are taking ownership and feeling responsible for the week which is and encouragement and answer to prayer.

Guests are increasing too which is good to see!

We have had around 10 guests at the lunchtime talks and about 5 in the evenings. The same people are coming back to the events and are wanting to know more. They are asking deep questions.

I gave two talks, one on Tuesday evening and one on Wednesday at lunch time.

Yesterday I spoke on ‘Where can we find everlasting satisfaction?’, and then I spoke on ‘Are Christians hypocrites?’. I really enjoyed delivering these talks in Flemish. It is great to be a part of this mission and I am looking forward to seeing what the next couple of days will bring.  One of the biggest encouragements is seeing how both students and guests are throwing themselves into this mission. Each morning has seen around 30 people gather to pray which is lovely. It is important to focus on why we are doing this and spend time in prayer and worshipping together before going out to the different campuses. The city has given us permission to flyer and speak to people all over the city, this is an incredible blessing and means we don’t need to just stick to the university campus. It’s particularly good because most students are out and about enjoying the good weather at the market or next to the river. We are trying to reach them wherever in the City they are.

Please pray that the last day will go well and be a blessing, that we may find ourselves re energised and focussed on going out. Please also pray that the students won’t just see this week as a one off tool but that they will be prompted to an evangelistic lifestyle in their future!’

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