An update from Eastern Europe

Michael says:

‘A great start here. About 120 came to the English club at the university, which provided an effective way to advertise the other events. A good number of these came to the Italian restaurant across town for the lunch talk and they listened well with lots of questions being asked. In the evening losts came along to the event and there were good conversations happening afterwards. One girls started the day as an atheist and wasn’t even going to come to the lunch talk, but by the end of the lunch bar she had decided she was an agnostic. She then came back in the evening and decided she may believe in God!! Pray for her and people like her to come back today!


I’ll be speaking on Suffering at lunch time and this evening on ‘Real love’ From the story in John 4. Pray for energy as speaking through translation is demanding, and often the conversations too.’

Here is a video from the week:


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