Aberystwyth and Portsmouth update


A white snowy Aberystwyth filled with students trying to share Jesus.

The CU in Aber have had 3 events each day and the Lunch bars have grown throughout the week. Evenings have been slow to grow and have fluctuated throughout the week.  The CU have a really creative bunch of freshers who are leading the way in creative advertising  and making videos and things like that! Though evening events have been quiet the group from globe cafe are a faithful group that seem to keep returning and there are a couple of regulars at lunch bars. Good conversations are being had :)

Aber’s main events finish tonight and then tomorrow they will have their first follow up meeting. mark Pickett will be leading that.


In Portsmouth things are growing massively!

The CU are often outnumbered by gests and David Joe and Oli are doing well with their talks. It seems to be a really lively week for them. They had a small hurdle to overcome when the SU realised that the speakers hadn’t been cleared by them , but they were very gracious and have let the events week continue along with being very encouraging. CU members have been outnumbered by guests and the CU are having the best events week they have seen in recent years! What wonderful news!

Portsmouth will continue with their events until tomorrow evening!


Please keep praying for all those who have been coming to meetings and asking serious questions, pray that we would stand before the throne with them!

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