Something More – Edinburgh City-wide Mission Week

This week the MOET team, along with former-Associate Emily Muwowo, are in Edinburgh for another city-wide mission.  The CUs in Edinburgh are getting together to bring “Something More” to the Scottish capital.

All of the team will be speaking at different lunchtime events throughout the city, then Michael will be speaking each evening.  The flyer below gives details of the events at the two Edinburgh University campuses.  You can also find out more on the Something More website:

Edinburgh flyer front Edinburgh Flyer Back








Pray for the students and UCCF staff workers who have done a brilliant job of putting together such a complicated event.  Pray for the large team of speaker and guests as they help the CUs.  And pray for the students themselves; pray that the CU members would be excited about the chance to invite their friends to find out more about Jesus, and pray that many of their friends would meet Him this week.


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